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Strategy & Governance

For the year ended December 31, 2017
diverse ethnicities, cultures are represented by our Directors and Officers and 19% are women
of our business units in 2017 were analyzed for risks related to corruption
of a risk-based determined targeted audience completed online training specifically focused on Anti-Bribery and Anti-Corruption 
employees and contractors with permanent access to a computer enrolled in our Code of Conduct course and re-certification

Realizing our vision requires committed leadership, a sound strategy, good governance and a long-term perspective. Our strengths in these areas help provide the foundation for future success.

Good governance is the foundation on which we build our responsible management and industry-leading results:

  • Our governance policies and systems help us effectively enhance shareholder value and protect our employees.
  • Our organizational structure and accountabilities help us reduce risk.
  • Clear and concise disclosure helps our shareholders and other stakeholders understand our policies, programs and performance.

anchorStrategy & Governance: Our Priorities

Effective Oversight
Effective Oversight

At Goldcorp, our values are reinforced through good governance and strong leadership.

Sustainability is overseen by the Board’s Sustainability Committee, which reviews and monitors policies and activities related to sustainable development, environmental, health and safety. All members of the committee are independent.

Our company structure integrates sustainability into how our business operates – dedicated business segments, executives and employees manage all aspects of sustainability including, corporate social responsibility, people, diversity, safety, health and the environment, and all aspects of mine closure.

We make all major investment decisions using our Global Investment Framework, which includes an assessment of the environmental and social impacts of every investment.

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Systems and Performance Management

We implement our values through our internal systems and corporate policies and guidance.

Our employees and contractors are all required to comply with our code of conduct and related corporate policies.

Our Sustainability Excellence Management System (SEMS) is an integrated system for managing our approach to sustainability – including safety & health, the environment, corporate social responsibility and security – across the entire company, at every stage of the mining lifecycle.

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Risk Management

Everyone at Goldcorp – employees, executives and the Board – has a role to play in managing risk.

Risk management is embedded at every level of the organization, and managed using an Enterprise Risk Management framework that helps us protect and enhance shareholder value.

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Supply Chain Management

Sourcing high quality goods and services at the lowest price is essential to our competitiveness. But the task for Goldcorp doesn’t end at price. Every purchase is evaluated against a long list of priorities, including compliance with labour practices, human rights, ethics, anti-corruption and safety standards. We also evaluate vendors based on how innovative they are in suggesting ways to improve how we use their products.

The Supply Chain Management team’s work is central to our adherence to the World Gold Council’s Conflict-Free Gold Standard, which provides assurance that our actions don’t contribute to human rights abuses or breach international law.

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