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Growing Reserves

We plan to grow reserves in our existing mining districts by 20% by 2021.

play video Growing reserves is key to long term success. Learn more about our commitment to grow reserves by 20%
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2016 50 million ounces
Cerro Negro
Pueblo Viejo
Norte Abierto
2021 60 million ounces
play video anchorGaining New Exploration Insights

anchorGaining New Exploration Insights with IBM Watson

The ability to gain new insights from cognitive systems like Watson has the potential to transform every facet of the mining process. It’s a big part of the future of mining.

One of the biggest challenges facing geologists is interpreting the vast amount of data available when deciding where to drill: field mapping data, geochemical surveys, drill hole data, geophysical surveys, geological maps, Landsat imagery, aerial photographs, mine level plans, alteration models, resource model data and reports.

Goldcorp’s exploration group is working with IBM to determine how the Watson cognitive computing system can improve our mineral exploration program.

We’ve started at Red Lake, one of our key Canadian mining districts.

The first phase involves educating the system: inputting structured data from a wide range of sources, including geophysical and geological surveys, drill hole datasets, reports, academic papers and conference proceedings, to provide insights into Red Lake’s geology, current and historic mining and exploration activities and successful exploration techniques.

In the next phase, the system will use the data to refine and build an exploration model to make predictions and provide recommendations for where we should direct our exploration activities.

Predicting deposits more accurately could:

  • increase the success rate for discovering new reserves at existing sites
  • make drilling more focused and productive, reducing the cost of adding to reserves
  • allow for more accurate assessment of the asset value of acquisitions.