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Goldcorp’s mission is to sustainably produce three to four million ounces of gold annually from six to eight large-scale districts. We have a growth plan to reach this objective by 2021 that includes increasing our production, growing our reserves and reducing our all-in sustaining costs. At the same time, we’re leading the industry in our approach to innovation and responsibility at every stage of the mining cycle.

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Our Approach

Focus on large-scale districts. We’re focusing on large-scale districts in areas with low political risk and high exploration potential. This model allows us to take advantage of existing infrastructure, creating economies of scale that will reduce our cost structure and improve our global competitiveness.

Give autonomy to the people who manage our operations. Every mine manager has full responsibility for their own operations, including growing reserves, looking for expansion opportunities, engaging with local communities and advancing sustainability initiatives. In effect, they are running local businesses and building on the positive relationships they have created in their communities.

Build sustainable socio-economic ecosystems. We operate in environmentally responsible ways, hire locally, and support local communities with the building blocks for creating and sustaining vibrant and engaged communities: infrastructure, education and more. Taking this approach means people gain skills and the local economy grows, which is essential to our ability to maintain strong relationships and to be accepted into new communities.

Foster a spirit of innovation and entrepreneurship. We innovate at every stage of the mine lifecycle to make our operations more efficient, reduce our impact on the environment and identify exploration targets more effectively.

Getting to 2021

In 2017, we launched a five-year growth plan to increase our production by 20%, reduce our all-in sustaining costs by 20% and grow our reserves by 20%.

Increasing Production

Read about our plans for increasing production by 20%
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Growing reserves

Read about our plans for growing reserves by 20%
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Reducing Costs

Read about our plans for reducing all-in sustaining costs per ounce by 20%
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anchorCreating Value at Every Stage of the Mining Cycle

Mining Cycle Innovation in action

Exploration and Evaluation

We’re looking for opportunities in our existing mining districts to leverage existing infrastructure, benefit from economies of scale and we’re investing seed capital in junior companies in strategic geological jurisdictions.

Using new technology to identify exploration targets

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We’re developing the mine of the future by building mines that will use new technology in innovative ways.

Developing the world’s first all-electric mine

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We’re constantly improving our operations, making changes big and small that will increase our production, reduce costs and make our mines safer and more sustainable.

Saving water, reducing costs and managing our impact on the environment

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We plan for closure well before we even open a mine. We balance traditional and new techniques with local knowledge to make sure we leave a thriving ecosystem and a property that can be used productively long after we’re gone.

Installing real-time monitoring and live video camera feed to provide an added level of assurance

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Innovation and Responsibility are at the Heart of How We Operate


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Our Approach to Innovation


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Sustainability at Goldcorp