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For the year ended December 31, 2017
Greenhouse Gases 
tonnes CO2e saved
energy intensity reduction through energy saving efforts
reused/recycled water as a percentage of raw water withdrawn from the environment
invested in progressive or closure reclamation activities

We are committed to the protection of life, health and the environment for present and future generations. At every stage of the mining life cycle, we work to avoid, reduce or mitigate any negative environmental impacts.

We recognize that without proper care of the environment, we cannot operate. A successful mining company must be more than just economically profitable in the short term. Success is based on many factors that have to be sustained, from exploration to mine closure. Our stewardship of the environment, and our ability to innovate in mining technology, are integral to our company’s long-term viability, and we are working on innovative ways for environmental management, always considering the present and future of water, energy and biodiversity.

Our strategy is underpinned by an integrated approach to risk management. Responsibilities and accountability are embedded in our Sustainability Excellence Management System (SEMS), which provide a standardized, systematized approach for:

  • the management of materials, water, energy and waste and hazardous materials
  • environmental monitoring and exploration, closure and reclamation planning

Environment: Our Priorities


Energy is essential for operating our mines: crushing and transporting ore, ventilating our mines, and the mineral extraction process all consume significant energy. The efficient use of energy, and access to secure and reliable energy sources, is a key strategic focus for Goldcorp.

Our Energy Stewardship Strategy ensures we take active steps to manage energy use and minimize GHG emissions through annual site-level and enterprise risk assessments.

Responsible energy management is also a key focus in addressing climate change issues. We support Canada’s ratification of the Paris Agreement, which brings all countries together to combat climate change and adapt to its effects. As a member of the Mining Association of Canada, we are prioritizing innovative policies and activities to address climate change and promoting efficient and responsible energy use in our projects and operations.

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Water is essential to our operations, our stakeholders and the environment, and is a key strategic focus for Goldcorp.

Our Water Stewardship Strategy helps us better understand and manage our water footprint and water-related risks. It requires every Goldcorp site to establish water milestones for their local environment, including recycling and stewardship around monitoring and quality.

H2Zero is our ambitious, voluntary, industry-leading water stewardship program, that targets dramatic reductions in our use of fresh water and increased water recycling rates at every one of our operations. We expect H2Zero to trigger a series of innovations that will lead us to significantly change our water footprint.

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Waste and Hazardous Materials

Responsible storage, handling and disposal of solid and hazardous waste are central to sound environmental management.

We focus first on minimizing the generation of waste and residue, then on recycling and re-using waste or by-products. When material can’t be recycled, we dispose of it in an acceptable way.

Our Tailings Stewardship Strategy ensures good practices in the planning, design, construction, operation and closure of our tailings storage and water retention facilities. We use filtered tails at Éléonore and at two of our closed sites (Marlin and El Sauzal). We’re exploring its use for high-volume applications.

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Protecting the world’s ecosystems is important to us and for our stakeholders.

We manage over 400,000 hectares of land at and around our operating mines. Our operations span a range of ecosystems, from the boreal forests of northern Canada to the Patagonia area of Argentina. In all cases, we seek to design, construct, operate and ultimately close our operations in ways that minimize the risks to biodiversity. All our operating sites are required to have a biodiversity management plan in place.

After land is disturbed by exploration or mining, we reclaim the disturbed areas as quickly as possible.

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An Integrated Approach to Environmental Stewardship

The Sustainability Committee oversees key environmental aspects and activities.

Our approach to Environmental Stewardship is led by VP, Environment.

Every site has targets for energy efficiency and GHG emission savings, water stewardship (intensity and recycling rates) and waste management (tailings and biodiversity management).