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For the year ended December 31, 2017
of goods and services were purchased locally and regionally, accounting for more than US$700 million of spending
of our employees were drawn locally and regionally, with 24% recruited nationally and 1% recruited internationally 
was contributed in cash and $6.98 million in-kind to local communities 
of security personnel underwent training on the Voluntary Principles, which included both Goldcorp Security and contract personnel 

Our vision is to create sustainable, enduring value for our communities: value that lasts beyond the operating life of our mines. We value our stakeholder relationships and adopt an approach that is based on mutual benefit, open dialogue, trust and the respect of human rights and the rights of Indigenous Peoples.

Our main focus is on generating value for our stakeholders, building strong partnerships through active engagement, and making positive and long-lasting contributions to the communities where we operate.

In the short term, having strong, proactive engagement with communities ensures continuous operation. Over longer time horizons, our operations can also be a catalyst for long-term sustainable development in surrounding regions, providing mutual benefits for us and the communities where we operate.

Our strategy is underpinned by an integrated approach to risk management. Responsibilities and accountability are embedded in our Sustainability Excellence Management System (SEMS), which requires every Goldcorp operation to:

  • understand the local social, cultural, economic, political and institutional context and create locally adapted engagement and impact management plans
  • ensure that security management reflects our commitment to respect human rights.

Communities: Our Priorities

Sustainable Stakeholder Relationships

We bring many benefits to the communities where we operate – things like employment, training and investments in community initiatives. However, we also recognize that mining activities have potential negative impacts. Effective engagement with local communities is our primary way to identify and mitigate concerns around impacts.

Read more about how we work with our stakeholders

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Sustainable Economic Benefit

We contribute to the economic development of host communities and countries through a variety of methods. We recognize that we have the ability to impact and influence the local and regional economies around our sites. This is why we are working to create sustainable value – long-term social and economic benefits that do not leave a legacy of dependence.

Read more about how we create sustainable economic benefit

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Human Rights

As a member of the International Council on Mining and Metals (ICMM) and the United Nations Global Compact (UNGC), we are committed to respecting human rights as set forth in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the United Nations Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights and under international humanitarian law.

From employees and contractors to senior management, our workforce is expected to comply with our Human Rights SEMS standard and our Human Rights Policy.

Read more about our commitment to Human Rights
Read about our human rights journey at Marlin

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Community Contributions

*Please note that Goldcorp has now merged with Newmont and for the time being, we will not be taking any new requests in the Vancouver or Toronto offices. Please direct any request for funding you may have to the Newmont Goldcorp head office in Denver, Colorado.*

Thank you for your interest in partnering with Newmont Goldcorp to make the world a better place. We prioritize strategic initiatives and events that contribute to beneficial and sustainable outcomes for society and the environment, in the areas where Goldcorp operates.

Community contributions support our vision of creating sustainable value by enhancing social and economic development, identifying opportunities for collaboration and building meaningful relationships in the communities and areas where we work.

Through our community contributions, we aim to invest in meaningful projects and programs that enhance community development, support the global Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and generate benefits and value that continue beyond mine closure. As every mine site is unique, strategies and decisions around community contributions spending are based on context specific information and locally identified needs and priorities.

Please fill out the information in the application form below by selecting the applicable mine site. Once the form has been submitted, it will be sent to the key contact(s) at your selected location for review by the Community Contributions Committee. Each mine site has its own committee and procedure. We will be in contact with you via phone or email if we are interested in receiving more information or if your proposal has been selected.

Before filling out the form, please do the following:

  1. Read our Community Contributions Policy English  / Español / Français 
  2. Review Community Contributions Request Form – Guidance
  3. Note that all fields are required
  4. Provide complete information to avoid delayed processing times
  5. Provide additional documentation (proposals, sponsorship options, impact reports, etc.) to support the information in this form.

Click on the following site links to access the applicable contribution form.

Community Contribution Request Forms:
- Cerro Negro
- Coffee
- Éléonore
- Musselwhite
- Peñasquito
- Porcupine
- Borden
- Red Lake

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An Integrated Approach to Community

The Sustainability Committee oversees key aspects of approach to corporate social responsibility.

Our approach to Community is led by the Executive VP, Corporate Affairs and Sustainability.

Every operation has sustainability managers and CSR/community relations teams.