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Increasing Production

We plan to increase production at our existing operations and development projects
by 20% by 2021.

play video We're growing production by 20%, but not at the expense of long term sustainability. Quality growth matters.
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2017 2.5 million ounces
Cerro Negro
2021 3 million ounces

Future Growth Potential

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Norte Abierto JV
NuevaUnión JV

Building a Mine of the Future at Borden

Going electric improves economic performance, makes the mine a safer place to work and is better for the environment – all of which increases value.
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Borden will be Canada’s first all-electric underground gold mine.

To make this vision a reality, Goldcorp is teaming up with Sandvik Mining and MacLean Engineering to deliver battery-powered underground vehicles for almost all the requirements at the site. Goldcorp’s new mining technology will range from battery-operated drilling and blasting equipment, to electric bolters, personnel carriers and ultimately a 40 metric tonne battery powered haul truck.

This new technology will:

  • eliminate all greenhouse gases associated with the movement of ore and waste rock
  • reduce annual GHG emission by more than 7,000 tons or a 70% reduction over a baseline mine
  • largely eliminate the use of almost two million litres of diesel fuel, over one million litres of propane and 32,000 MWh of energy per year.

Lower emissions, combined with a new, highly efficient on-demand ventilation system, will reduce Borden’s requirements for ventilation by 50% compared to a baseline diesel underground mine, making the mine more efficient and a safer place to work.

Enhancing Productivity at Éléonore

A customizable, remotely operated drill means we can safely increase productivity, even when mining some of our most complex ore deposits.
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We’re using one of the most advanced production drill rigs in Canada at our Éléonore mine.

The ore deposit at Éléonore is very complex: it’s straight up and down in some areas, while in others it twists and turns like a snake. Mining this kind of ore deposit can be a challenge because it makes it harder to minimize dilution.

We’ve partnered with Atlas Copco, a company that develops production drills that can be controlled remotely and are flexible enough to access different areas of a complex deposit.

This new technology allows us to:

  • mine from the surface between shifts or when we can’t access the mine for safety reasons
  • drill into the deposit with greater precision, which reduces dilution
  • operate more cost-effectively because there’s less waste.

Using this type of remotely-operated production drill makes the operation safer, while increasing efficiency, improving productivity and lowering costs.