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Closed Sites

35 closed sites
Canada, US, Mexico, Guatemala and Honduras

of our properties have updated life-of-mine closure costs

US$28 million
invested in progressive or closure reclamation activities in 2016

1st in the world
to decommission a mine according to the regulations and standards of the ICMC

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Marlin’s Environmental Legacy

At Goldcorp, we plan for closure well before we even open a mine. We balance traditional and new techniques with local knowledge to leave a thriving ecosystem and a property that can be used productively long after we’re gone.

Integrating closure into our business. Our goal is to integrate closure and reclamation into our business planning, factor it into financial decisions and consider it in every phase of mining.

Structured for success. We have a dedicated Reclamation and Closure Group, led by the Vice President of Reclamation and Closure, that provides a focused approach to closure planning, enhancing our results.

Responsibilities and accountability are embedded in our Sustainability Excellence Management System (SEMS), which provides a standardized, systematized approach for:

  • the management of materials, water, energy and waste and hazardous materials
  • environmental monitoring and exploration, closure and reclamation planning

Working with local communities. Closing a mine affects the local environment, people, culture and economy. We aim to involve communities in closure planning right from the outset, so they understand the challenges and become active participants in decision-making.

Innovating to improve closure and reclamation. We look for ways to design and operate mines that will make closure and reclamation easier and less costly. We also look at new technologies that will help us manage our closed sites better – for example, finding ways to improve how we monitor and manage remote sites that have no infrastructure and little access.