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October 9, 2014 Back to School Special Part 2: Goldcorp Helps Bring Mining Matters to the Youth of Ontario
“When girls in Grade 5 are getting excited about rocks, you know you’re doing something right.” Last week we provided an update on Goldcorp’s educational partnerships in Mexico. This week we share with you one youth outreach program we sponsor in Ontario, Canada.  Can you tell the difference between real gold and fool’s gold? Now more youth ages 8-20 in communities near Goldcorp’s Ontario operations can, thanks to the Mining Matters Mining Rocks Earth Science Program. Field trips, hands-on activities and unique educational programs teach youth about rocks, minerals, metals, mining, the mining industry and future employment opportunities. This year, Goldcorp sponsored four one-week Mining Rocks programs in the following communities: Wabauskang First Nation and Lac Seul First Nation near Red Lake Gold Mines, Mishkeegogamang First Nation and Pickle Lake near Musselwhite Mine and in Timmins where Porcupine Gold Mines is located. Goldcorp employees from all three mine sites were...
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October 3, 2014 Back to School Special Part 1: Contributing to Education in Mexico
As most students in the Americas return to school for the 2015 academic year, we reflect on how education can unlock doors of opportunity. We think contributing to education is one of the best ways we can create long-lasting positive benefits in the communities where we live and work. In this three- part series, we start with the communities around our Peñasquito, Mexico operations, to share some of the exciting ways students are expanding their horizons and we’re developing global talent through education. Technologically advancing your students This summer Peñasquito donated computers to Conception College in the municipality of Concepcion del Oro, and Martyrs Telesecundaria Cananea in the Township of Mazapil, to help the academic development of these educational communities and to provide access to technology to expand the educational capacity of the young students in the region. Yolanda Rosales Anaya, Director of the Conception Elementary School, said, "Schooling is the most...
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September 5, 2014 Goldcorp Provides Dental Care to Communities near its Peñasquito Mine
Earlier this year, Goldcorp’s Peñasquito mine and the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) partnered to deliver free dental treatment to over 800 patients from the semi-desert region of Zacatecas. Dentist Juan Carlos Avilés Rodríguez, Coordinator of the UNAM Social Service, noted that 88 percent of the population in Mexico has dental issues, often from a very early age, as access to dental care is very limited in rural areas of Mexico. The dental team that provided free dental care to local residents consisted of 20 dentists led by three specialists from the UNAM Foundation and Dentistry School. Also involved in this strategic alliance was the Health Ministry of Zacatecas. Dental care stations with high quality instruments and technology were installed within the Peñasquito mining complex. Over the one week period, the dental teams provided services in cleanings, tooth extraction, pediatric dentistry on gums, and dental hygiene advice. Rodríguez Avilés, Coordinator of the...
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July 30, 2014 Special Olympics National Summer Games
Smiles, Spirit and Medals on the Rise. For the first time in more than 20 years, British Columbia got the Games back!  On July 8th, the city of Vancouver welcomed over 2,000 athletes, coaches and officials from across Canada for the 2014 Special Olympics Canada Summer Games.  This year, the Games added three new sports to its lineup: Golf, Basketball and Bocce, making it the largest Canadian games ever with a total of 11 sports. The four-day event was the culmination of years of planning and commitment from athletes, coaches and volunteers and the result was a well-attended event and a truly memorable experience for all. For some athletes, it was the first time on a plane.  For others, it was the first time away from their parents and many grew and developed far past their parents or coaches expectations. Goldcorp was thrilled to play a part in making the Games a success by being a Gold Sponsor. But our history with Special Olympics runs much deeper, spanning eight...
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Goldcorp's commitment to responsible mining and creating social and economic benefits for all of our stakeholders remain the basis for how we conduct our operations world-wide.  On June 27, 2014, Goldcorp released our Annual Sustainability Report (csr.goldcorp.com) showcasing our 2013 performance and progress in delivering on our vision of “Together, Creating Sustainable Value”. Following is a message about our progress on these and other milestones from Goldcorp President and CEO, Chuck Jeannes. In a year that challenged the entire industry, Goldcorp’s commitment to delivering sustainable value to our stakeholders was unwavering. Our successes in 2013 were largely due to our financial discipline and agility in the face of challenging market conditions. Economic pressures sharpened our focus on reducing all-in sustaining costs and our Operating for Excellence program drove efficiency gains at every operation. That exercise, however, was not done at the expense of our commitment...
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July 7, 2014 AND THE WINNER IS…
Creative thinking and a commitment to teamwork make everyone at Goldcorp a winner. At the end of June, we celebrated at our first Global Excellence Awards where we showcased the incredible work our employees have done in improving our operations in the categories of Safety and Operating for Excellence (O4E). The Origins of O4E O4E is about continuous improvement – looking for ways to do things better, smarter, safer, and more efficiently. After global gold prices dipped in 2013, O4E campaigns took on a particularly significant urgency. We established an O4E team at each mine and challenged them to create projects that would enhance our operations without compromising safety. Our Safety team members were integral to many of the O4E projects, as well as pursuing their own new initiatives and ongoing projects. We’re proud to say that all of our teams, both award winners and runners-up teams, took to heart the challenge to fulfill Goldcorp’s guiding vision: Together, Creating Sustainable...
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June 13, 2014 Standard-Setting Responsibility
Developed by members of the World Gold Council, the Conflict-Free Gold Standard (the “Standard”) establishes a common approach for gold producers to assess and assure that gold is extracted in a manner that does not contribute to unlawful armed conflict, human rights abuses or breaches of international humanitarian law. Goldcorp strongly supports this initiative and implemented the Standard in 2013. First we assessed all of our operations using the Heidelberg Conflict Barometer – an external criteria - to determine whether mine sites were located in ‘conflict-affected or high-risk’ regions. Finding that our three Mexico operations – El Sauzal, Los Filos and Peñasquito – are in ‘conflict-affected’ zones, we proceeded to implement the Standard at these locations. This incorporated a Company Assessment to ensure that appropriate policies are in place to fulfill our corporate obligations and responsibilities without causing, supporting or benefiting conflict, human rights abuses or law...
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May 31, 2014 A Good Story has no Ending
As the month of May draws to a close, we hope you’ve gotten to know us better and seen how Goldcorp cares for our people, our planet, and our communities through the many remarkable stories inspired by the scrapbooks –created by the exceptional people across all of our sites – and we hope you enjoyed them as much as we enjoyed sharing them with you. Here is a look back at some of the highlights we shared in our “30 days, 30 ways” campaign:; As part of Goldcorp’s Operating for Excellence program, we’re continuously looking for new and innovative ways to improve our operations, while respecting the environment . Reclamation work is well underway at El Sauzal to restore the land to a productive state following the end of operations in 2015 Red Lake kicked off a bike share program to encourage both environmental stewardship and healthy living for our employees Goldcorp is surveying indigenous plants and wildlife for environmental baseline studies in Peñasquito Porcupine Gold Mine is not...
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May 30, 2014 Achieving Sustainable Innovation: Operating for Excellence at our Porcupine Gold Mines in Timmins, Ontario
As part of our Operating for Excellence program, we’re continuously looking for new and innovative ways to improve our operations, while respecting the environment. At Goldcorp’s Porcupine Gold Mines (PGM), a Mill Scats Reprocessing Project was implemented to turn reject materials into recovered and/or recycled steel. The current mill at the Dome site has been in operation for over 30 years. Over the years, reject materials with large amounts of steel in it from the grinding mills have accumulated, resulting in the need for multiple locations to dispose of the spent material. The gold contained in the reject material remained uncaptured because the risk to process the material was high - steel in the ore has the potential to plug chutes, tear belts, and damage crushers. After much brainstorming and review, the PGM team identified an innovative solution to remove the steel with a magnet. A loader was used to spread out the material and a magnet recovered the larger pieces of steel. The...
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May 29, 2014 Reducing our Environmental Footprint: One Trip at a Time
The NORCO bikes handle bars have been painted gold as a tribute to the company. Red Lake Gold Mine’s Bike Share Program returns this month as the snow melts and roadways become clear. Entering its second year, the Bike Share Program at Red Lake Gold Mines was the brainchild of Dave Gelderland, Corporate Social Responsibility Manager at Red Lake. After a trip to Toronto, he was inspired by the “Bixi bike program” and saw the value of having communal bikes available for employees at the mine site.  Employees are always moving and transporting goods from different parts of the three mine complexes that comprise our Red Lake Gold Mines. Dave saw an opportunity to reduce our environmental footprint by eliminating some of the trips that have historically been undertaken by fossil-fuel driven vehicles. Employees also have the option to take casual rides on these bikes during their lunch breaks or after work. Currently, employees at the Red Lake Gold Mines have access to 10 company-owned...
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May 28, 2014 Bee project creates buzz
Home to country singer Shania Twain and Porcupine Gold Mine (PGM) - North America’s longest continually operating gold mine - Timmins, Ontario is also a city helping to replenish continental bee colonies in partnership with Goldcorp.

14 years ago, bees were released at PGM to pollinate the area’s plants and flowers as part of reclamation plans. By 2010, efforts were stepped up to counter dwindling bee populations. Former miner Rene Bertrand and his wife Joanne Besner supplied the hives, equipment and know-how, with ongoing assistance from Goldcorp, including the installation of a solar-powered fence to keep bears at bay.

In return, Mother Nature presented a sweet reward. For the past four years, Bertrand and Besner have grown the honey project into an enterprising business that produces, pasteurizes and bottles Liquid Gold. The couple sells the popular honey locally, and gifted 500 jars to Goldcorp for continued support. It’s a win-win-win outcome for...
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May 26, 2014 Growing Eco-stewardship
All over the world, Goldcorp conducts business with utmost respect for people and the planet. Across our operations in central Mexico, communities have benefitted from jobs, career training, health services, education, social programs and more, for a legacy of opportunity long after the mine lifecycle. Equal care is given to protect and preserve precious resources, habitat and ecosystems.

At our Camino Rojo project near Peñasquito mine, Goldcorp is surveying indigenous plants and wildlife for environmental baseline studies to inform reclamation planning and minimize impact before, during and after mining operations. In collaboration with the Mexican government, the studies also include biodiversity planning and reporting, as well as physical and chemical analysis.

With exploration underway at Camino Rojo, native plants 1 are being relocated to the Peñasquito nursery, specially built several years ago when Goldcorp undertook one of Mexico’s largest...
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May 23, 2014 Los Filos and Cerro Negro Pass Safety Milestones
This year we want to congratulate our mine sites Los Filos and Cerro Negro, the 2013 winners of the 2013 Safety Bear Trophies.  Los Filos was the winner of the trophy for Best Overall Safety Performance and Cerro Negro was the winner of the trophy for Most Improved Safety Performance. The Safety Bear trophies recognize those sites that have achieved excellent safety results during the previous year. The sites are evaluated based on their All Injury Frequency Rate (AIFR) as well as their overall commitment to safety and creating a culture of safety at the site. In 2013 Los Filos achieved a 51% improvement on their 2012 All Injury Frequency Rate. Los Filos showed their commitment to improving safety by conducting a study into night-shift fatigue and the establishment of a safety working group with the teams at Peñasquito and El Sauzal.  The exceptional commitment of their management team to increase safety awareness and engagement is a model for the whole industry.  Over...
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May 19, 2014 Environmental Stewardship creates a Ripple Effect

At Goldcorp, we are finding ways to continually improve our performance when it comes to protecting the environment and preserving precious resources. Last year, every one of our employees was invited to participate in a contest to come up with a tagline that exemplifies our values as a Company, while also inspiring us personally to epitomize environmental stewardship - on the job, at home and in our communities.   We wanted something memorable and symbolic to represent our collective responsibility while reinforcing individual effort. We put the call out to employees via a contest named ‘The Ripple Effect,’ which speaks to Goldcorp’s commitment to multiply our positive impact overall, as well as our resourceful water-saving initiatives, including: 1) our long-standing support for the World Wildlife Fund, and participation in their North American Water Footprint Study to gain deeper knowledge and help us reduce water consumption in every region where we operate 2)...
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May 15, 2014 Golden Rules and Remembrance
Last year on October 30th, every Goldcorp site, office and employee stopped production for a Day of Remembrance to honour lost colleagues and participate in additional safety training. The event had a profound impact on all employees, and is slated to become an annual occurrence. It’s an event that fortifies our Company safety culture to ‘Care Think and Act’ in a way that delivers safe production and reinforces our vision to ensure that work environments are Safe Enough for our Families. To underscore this commitment, last year Goldcorp deployed stringent new standards at all our sites, including a behaviour-based training program called ‘Fighting Fatalities,’ which helps identify at-risk situations, serious incident potential, common precursors and prevention strategies. These measures, combined with outstanding employee dedication, have resulted in significant improvements. In the fourth quarter of 2013 alone, the number of injuries decreased by 28.57% from third...
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May 14, 2014 Rooted in communities: El Sauzal
Part 2: Groundwork for generations

In Part 1 of this 2-part series, we highlighted the reclamation plans for El Sauzal which will ensure this once remote region in Chihuahua, Mexico leaves a proud environmental legacy when the mine closes in 2015. Here in Part 2, we feature some of the unique entrepreneurial partnerships Goldcorp has forged to positively transform lives and livelihoods today and for generations to come.  Since arriving in 2011, Goldcorp has revitalized communities around El Sauzal with electrical power, roads, health services, educational opportunities and jobs for nearly 500 people. The Company also continues to lay the groundwork for emerging business success and sustainable economic growth long after the mine closes. Following are a few samples of enterprising partnerships between Goldcorp and  community groups: Brigada de Salud is an alliance of dental practitioners assembled by Goldcorp in collaboration with the s tate university. The brigade administers dental care, hygiene,...
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May 13, 2014 Rooted in communities: El Sauzal
Part 1: Reclamation and revitalization

Pages from our Goldcorp Video Scrapbook depict wildlife habitat reclamation plans at El Sauzal. In Spanish on left “A picture is worth 1000 words” and at right “Restoring our Community” speak to our industry-leading commitment to responsibility and sustainability.   How far does Goldcorp go to ensure sustainable community benefits and environmental stewardship?  From start to flourishing finish, in every region of operation. Long before production begins, Goldcorp is already planning for closure, site rehabilitation and returning the land back to communities, so it can thrive for generations to come. This diligence has helped the Company set industry benchmarks and earn several reclamation awards. In Mexico, El Sauzal mine is not slated for closure until 2015, yet work is well underway to prepare for reforestation, wildlife habitat and positive economic impact based on regional, financial, legal, social and safety consultation. The aim is to restore the land to a...
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May 8, 2014 Investing in Tomorrow Today

A shortage of skilled labour isn’t unique to Goldcorp, but our approach to meeting the challenge is capturing attention.  Goldcorp supports several post-secondary programs in Canada and abroad that develop sharp minds and open new horizons. A recent case study by Deloitte concluded that “Approximately 40% of the resource extraction industry’s workforce [is] at least 50 years old, and one third [is] expected to retire by 2022...mining companies need to innovate and hire long-term talent in order to be successful over the next decade.” 1 One of the ways Goldcorp promotes innovative thinking and career diversity is by supporting the University of British Columbia’s ‘Professorship in Women in Engineering’ which empowers females to excel in the field. “Goldcorp’s commitment to developing our people is one way to create a competitive advantage,” says Maryse Belanger, Senior Vice President Technical Services. “Programs that promote diversity and technical excellence are a logical...
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May 7, 2014 Creating spin-off businesses
Production is yet to commence at Éléonore mine in Northern Quebec, but new economic and social benefits are unfolding every day. The mine already employs about 600 people, many from surrounding communities, and several enterprising businesses have popped up, including locally-owned janitorial services, outfitters and administrative services. The economic up-cycle is a direct result of a landmark collaboration agreement between Goldcorp and the Cree Nation to create sustainable value together and share in the success of mine development and operation, which will commence later this year. Goldcorp will also fund local training, education, scholarships and commerce opportunities. One of the thriving companies provides commercial laundering for Éléonore mine and employees. The Tawich Development Corporation and Goldcorp partnered to create Wemindji Laundry, which regularly collects loads and transports them to a facility three hours away in the town of Wemindji, where all is washed,...
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May 2, 2014 Sharing How We Care
Throughout May, watch this spot for real-life stories of the everyday ways that Goldcorp cares for our people, our communities and our planet. For the next 30 days we will update this space and our media channels with new videos, photos and features of some of the exceptional people and partners we are privileged to collaborate with across our operating regions.

These highlights are excerpts from a scrapbook compiled by employees from our mine sites. We hope you enjoy these stories as much as Goldcorp proudly brings them to life.
It’s a story created with many hands. In many different languages. In many different lands. It’s a story about celebrating heritage, and breaking new ground. Of making friends, and building partnerships. It’s a story about discovery, and renewal. Of looking forward, and honouring the past. It’s the story of a company that cares about everything we do, and the lives we touch, every day. We are Goldcorp, and this is our story. Follow our...
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May 1, 2014 Goldcorp AGM 2014
Stories Worth Sharing In keeping with the theme “One Company, Thousands of Stories,” we asked each of our mines and projects to create a scrapbook that reflects how Goldcorp cares for our People, Our Planet and Our Communities. We are proud to share these stories - created by many people in many places - with you here today. The care and creativity that went into these storybooks reflects the passion, care and creativity our people display every day, in a thousand different ways, to create the thousands of stories that lead to the same conclusion: everywhere we do business, we’re committed to responsible environmental stewardship, operational excellence and our vision “Together, Creating Sustainable Value”.  We hope you’ll enjoy watching as much as we’ve enjoyed bringing these stories to life....
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April 22, 2014 A Breath of Fresh Air this Earth Day
Leading up to Earth Day this year, Goldcorp has launched an eco-initiative at our Éléonore project in Québec.  A SmartEXEC ventilation system from SimSmart Technologies was installed to conserve energy and improve air flow for the well-being of our underground employees. While traditional ventilation methods run continuously and therefore consume vast amounts of energy, Goldcorp’s new Ventilation-On-Demand (VOD) system is far more efficient, not only lowering energy consumption, but overall operating costs while improving air quality underground. It’s our latest innovation to ensure we are both environmentally and operationally sustainable. Since March 2014, automated fan systems at Éléonore power on only as needed.  The technology, worn by all underground employees and installed on all 80 pieces of underground machinery,   signals precisely where and when employees are working, tracking real-time locations and measuring air quality to regulate the right amount of...
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March 10, 2014 The Changing Face of Engineering

Maryse Belanger, Senior Vice President, Technical Services for Goldcorp, and Elizabeth Croft, NSERC Chair for Women in Science and Engineering at UBC (Photo credit: Martin Dee) Goldcorp marked International Women’s Day in 2014 with a $500,000 gift supporting efforts by University of British Columbia to recruit more women into the engineering profession. The new Goldcorp Professorship in Women in Engineering at UBC’s Faculty of Applied Science will promote engineering to high school students, parents and counselors. Part of national efforts to address a looming shortage of engineers, the professorship will help the faculty increase representation of women from 20 per cent at present to 50 per cent in five years. Recently, Maryse Belanger, Senior Vice President, Technical Services for Goldcorp, and Elizabeth Croft, NSERC Chair for Women in Science and Engineering at UBC, discussed their thoughts on the Goldcorp gift. Q: Please tell us about the reasons behind Goldcorp’s...
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March 7, 2014 UBC and Goldcorp partner to encourage women to consider careers in engineering
From left to right: Dr. Elizabeth Croft, Associate Dean, Education and Professional Development, Faculty of Applied Science, UBC - John Bell, Member of the Board, Goldcorp - Dr. Rachel Kuske, Senior Advisor to the Provost on Women Faculty, UBC - Maryse Belanger, Senior Vice President, Technical Services, Goldcorp
The UBC Faculty of Applied Science will boost the number of women recruited to and enrolled in its engineering program thanks to a gift from Goldcorp. The $500,000 gift, announced today - on the eve of International Women’s Day - will establish a new Goldcorp Professorship in Women in Engineering at UBC. The professorship focuses on promoting engineering as a creative and rewarding career. It aims to broaden the current talent by reaching out to high school students, parents, and counsellors to encourage students with aptitude in science, engineering and math to pursue a career in those fields. The professorship will help nation-wide efforts to address the skills...
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March 3, 2014 Goldcorp sets aside full rehabilitation cost for its state of the art Eleonore gold mine in northern Quebec
TORONTO, Ontario – March 3, 2014 – Goldcorp Inc. (TSE: G; NYSE: GG) today announced that it has secured a bond in the amount of $40.1 million to cover 100% of the closure obligation related to its Éléonore mine site in northern Quebec. The announcement was made at the Prospectors and Developers Association of Canada annual conference in Toronto at an event hosted by the Minister of Natural Resources of Quebec, Mrs. Martine Ouellet. “As one of the largest and fastest growing gold producers in the world, we believe that we are leading by example. Setting aside the complete estimated amount for the closure and reclamation of the Éléonore site is a tangible demonstration of our unwavering commitment to sustainability and to working with governments, stakeholders and the communities where we operate,” said Brent Bergeron, Senior Vice President, Corporate Affairs, Goldcorp Inc. The Éléonore mine is slated to commence production later this year. Gold reserves are estimated at 4 million...
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March 2, 2014 Celebrating Heart Month
By: Donna McLennan, Director, Corporate Relations, BC & Yukon | Heart and Stroke Foundation As February’s Heart and Stroke month draws to a close, Goldcorp has committed to continuing support for local organizations year-round through events that promote health awareness.  One way we’re living  up to this commitment is by investing in health organizations such as the Heart & Stroke Foundation and by encouraging healthy lifestyle choices for its employees.  And so, to close off Heart month, we invited Donna McLennan, Director, Corporate Relations, BC & Yukon | Heart and Stroke Foundation to pen a few words for us. Heart disease and stroke impact us all. These diseases take over 70,000 lives every year – that’s one Canadian life every seven minutes. From an economic standpoint, cardiovascular disease has an impact on Canada of close to $21 billion a year in healthcare costs and lost productivity. The good news is that over the last 60 years, the death rate for...
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February 27, 2014 Goldcorp is proud to support Olympic athletes Radford and Duhamel

Radford and Duhamel at this years' Sochi 2014 Winter Olympic Games. For most spectators the Winter Olympic Games is an exciting two weeks of competition, but for two North Ontario athletes it signifies a life-time of dedication and focus. Meet Eric Radford and Meagan Duhamel- two exceptional figure skaters who represented Canada, and their home towns of Lively and Balmertown, at the 2014 Sochi Olympic Games. Radford and Duhamel skated their way to silver with Team Canada as part of the new team event, and finished seventh in the pairs.   After finishing fifth in the short program, and having an outside shot of bringing home a second medal, the pair was admittedly disappointed with their seventh place finish. Although it was not the skate they were hoping for, they made fans at home incredibly proud. In Balmerton, Radford’s home town, and home to Goldcorp’s Red Lake Gold Mines, over 200 people gathered to watch the pair skate, including the entire local elementary...
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February 20, 2014 Happy 2nd Birthday to Goldcorp’s Blog!
By Valerie Pascal e, Manager of Corporate Social Responsibility As today marks the second anniversary of Goldcorp’s blog, Above Ground Online, it seems like a good time to celebrate three key and necessary elements of corporate citizenship: transparency, listening and responding. These elements drive the importance of the blog as an interactive forum for discussion between Goldcorp and our global communities and stakeholder groups. The creation of this blog came from a very grassroots movement from within Goldcorp. The idea for the blog arose in a Goldcorp leadership training seminar, in which a small team of Goldcorp employees proposed the blog as a strategy for improving community engagement and transparency. Encouraging engagement with all of our communities From that tiny seed, our blog community has grown to almost 1,000 participants today, who in turn share some of these ideas with their respective communities, and so the conversations continue. While printed newsletters and...
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February 19, 2014 Mishkeegogamang Ojibway First Nation and Goldcorp sign cooperation agreement
By: Colin Webster, Director, Aboriginal, Government and Community Relations – Canada & USA Goldcorp’s policy is to identify and, where possible, to create partnerships with First Nations communities. The recent cooperation agreement made between Musselwhite and The Mishkeegogamang Ojibway Nation is another example of Goldcorp’s commitment to creating shared value with Aboriginal communities to support a vision of economic independence and entrepreneurship. This agreement joins the list of successful collaborations with other First Nations, including the James Bay Cree and the Lac Seul First Nation, amongst others. On January 22th, 2014, The Mishkeegogamang Ojibway Nation signed a Cooperation Agreement with Goldcorp establishing the basis for both parties to work together with respect to company activities in the ”Mish” traditional territory. The Cooperation Agreement set out the terms of employment and training opportunities, business opportunities, ongoing communication, and...
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February 3, 2014 Improved transparency is in everyone’s best interest
By: Brent Bergeron, Senior Vice-President Corporate Affairs Last year, in an effort to improve transparency between Canadian extractive companies and the payments made to governments worldwide, Canada committed to establishing new mandatory reporting standards. Recommendations for these standards were released in January by the Resource Revenue Transparency Working Group comprised of the Mining Association of Canada, The Prospectors and Developers Association of Canada and two non-governmental organizations. Goldcorp has been very supportive of this process and has participated actively in consultations organized by the Working Group and by Government of Canada officials. These standards require publicly traded mining companies in Canada to disclose project-level payments to domestic (including national and sub-national authorities) and foreign governments, as noted in the recommendation . Goldcorp has a history of working openly with governments on matters of taxes and royalties. As...
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Goldcorp’s commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility is rooted in our company values, guided by international standards and best practices, and driven by our aspiration for excellence in the overall performance of our business. Through the efforts of each of our employees, Goldcorp aims to be responsible, respected, and welcomed everywhere we do business.

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