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Workplace Safety

Peñasquito continues to implement the Goldcorp safety management system. Aligned with the programs in place at all of our sites, safe work procedures have been formalized to ensure the safety of all workers. Peñasquito's rescue team is actively involved with local communities, providing emergency response training and preparation.

Peñasquito ranked second place in the 2010 Mexico National Team's First Aid Competition.


Peñasquito adheres to all official environmental regulations and has acquired a Waste Comprehensive Plan, a Single Environmental License, and the Annual Operation Certificate and Management Plan for the Reproduction of the White-Tailed Deer. Peñasquito is incorporated in the National Environmental Audit Program. As well, a comprehensive system of environmental management has been implemented.

More than 448,000 plants have been rescued and transplanted, including over 18,000 plants of endangered cactus species. The nursery is producing approximately three million plants per year for use in future reclamation work.

Soil, air and water conditions are continuously monitored, and the operation has achieved an average 10% annual reduction in waste residues. A hazardous waste transfer facility will soon assist with the collection and safe disposal of hazardous products.