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Peñasquito maintains a high standard of social responsibility towards the surrounding communities and local governments. Where possible, we hire local residents and have policies in place to ensure we provide employment opportunities for both local and state residents; currently, 73% of Peñasquito employees are from Zacatecas state municipalities.  

Educational support has been provided through educational scholarships, an adult education program, and the construction of a Technical School (CONALEP) with student housing. The CONALEP currently accepts 204 students per year, providing programs for mechanics and electricians. Currently approximately 50 practicum students per year are placed at Peñasquito. CONALEP expects 100% of its graduating class to find employment in the region within six months of graduation.  To date 111 students graduated in two generations. This means a significant social impact in a region whose educational media in 2010, before the arrival of Peñasquito, was equivalent to fourth grade elementary school.

Preventive health care is provided to vulnerable communities and families. Periodically and in coordination with the Youth Integration Center (CIJ), seminars on topics such as addiction prevention, health and human development are organized. 

In collaboration with the government, Peñasquito has initiated many small businesses through microfinance projects within local communities, including the production of textile and mesquite wood crafts, traditional cakes and bread baking, ecotourism, sewing and domestic technology.