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The Los Filos mine is located in the Nukay mining district of central Guerrero State in southern Mexico, in the village of Mezcala, approximately 230 kilometres south of Mexico City. Road access is via Highway 95, a major paved route between Mexico City and Acapulco.

Los Filos, Mexico

The Morelos-Guerrero Basin in southern Mexico, where the operation is based, is a roughly circular basin, occupied by a thick sequence of Mesozoic platform carbonate sediments comprising the Morelos, Cuautla and Mezcala Formations, and has been intruded by a number of granitoid bodies.

The ore bodies at Los Filos and El Bermejal consist of iron-gold skarn with minor amounts of Cu and Ag at the intrusive-limestone contact. Ore bodies also occur with endoskarn and are disseminated within the hydrothermally altered intrusive rocks.

At El Bermejal, mineralization is distributed around a granodiorite stock, both at the limestone contact and within the intrusion; Los Filos ore body is associated with a diorite sill.

The mineralogy of the contact ore bodies is predominantly iron oxides with Au, in associations with lesser quantities of Cu, Pb, Zn and As occurring in carbonates and oxides as well as sulfides. Primary minerals are hematite, magnetite and jasper with lesser amounts of pyrite, chalcopyrite and arsenopyrite.