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In 2008, Goldcorp commenced a Human Rights Assessment (HRA) at the Marlin mine. The assessment process was guided by the tenets of transparency, independence, and inclusivity and was directed by a Steering Committee made up of a company representative, a representative of a group of socially responsible shareholders that own shares in Goldcorp, and a Guatemalan representative.

The primary objective of the HRA was to provide independent assessment of the potential for human rights impacts from the presence and activities of the Marlin Mine, and how Goldcorp's subsidiary Montana Exploradora's policies, procedures, and practices affect the human rights of the population in the area of the mine. The full report on the HRA of the Marlin mine can be accessed at www.hria-guatemala.com.

Goldcorp began a multi-phase process of developing and implementing business management practices that will ensure "broader due diligence for human rights" consistent with the "Protect, Respect, Remedy" framework proposed by John Ruggie and adopted by the United Nations Human Rights Council. As part of that process, Goldcorp carefully considered each of the recommendations in the HRA report. The response, published in June 2010, included details on how interested stakeholders could submit ideas, provide feedback, and monitor progress to ensure a transparent and collaborative process.

Goldcorp's response to recommendations (English) (Spanish)

On June 30, 2010, Goldcorp published its initial response to the recommendations of the Human Rights Assessment (HRA) of the Marlin Mine. This was the first in a series of updates on the progress, challenges, and expectations as Goldcorp implements the recommendations presented in the HRA. The second and final comprehensive update was published April 2011. As noted above, one of the objectives of the HRA was to establish a comprehensive framework to integrate human rights explicitly throughout all Goldcorp management and operational processes. The HRA recommendations dealing with ongoing consultation and communication have been adopted and will be used to communicate further developments regarding the continued review and revision of Goldcorp's policies and practices with respect to human rights.

Goldcorp's First Update to the Marlin Mine Human Rights Assessment Report – October 2010 (English) (Spanish)

Goldcorp's Second Update to the Marlin Mine HRA Report - April 2011 (English) (Spanish)

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