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The operation consists of an open pit mine, processing facilities and central administration offices in Alumbrera, in Catamarca province. A pipeline transports slurry concentrate 316 kilometres to a filter plant and rail loading facilities at Cruz del Norte, Tucuman. Port, handling facilities and train maintenance facilities at San Martin near Rosario, Santa Fe. The operation also maintains a 202 kilometre power line.

The 600-hectare lease encompasses all mineralized areas of the deposit. Immediate mine infrastructure and other mine facilities cover an additional permitted surface area of 5,200 hectares.

Standard truck and shovel mining techniques are employed in the open pit mine. Mining is carried out on 17-metre benches and two-metre sub-drills, and ore is hauled to processing facilities nearby. The processing plant produces three products: a copper flotation concentrate containing the major gold credit, Dore bullion from gravity recovery of coarser free gold, and molybdenum concentrates.

Molybdenum concentrates are trucked to Chile for processing. Copper and gold concentrates are pumped through a pipeline over the Nevados del Aconquija mountains to the province of Tucuman. The concentrates are transported by rail to Alumbrera’s port facility in Puerto General San Martin, located near Rosario in the province of Santa Fe. The concentrate is then shipped overseas for refining.