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Workplace safety

Alumbrera places the highest priority on safety. A specific focus on direct involvement in safety management in the workplace by all people, the identification and management of significant safety risks in the work environment and safety related training for employees is assisting in maintaining high standards of workplace safety.


Alumbrera has been designed to meet environmental standards equivalent to those of the leading gold and copper producing countries. The operation is committed to conducting business responsibly and in a manner designed to protect employees, the community’s health and the environment. The site’s Environmental Management System (EMS) based on ISO 14001 continues to be progressively revised and improved.

The facilities are operated with consideration for reducing environmental impacts, efficient use of energy, water and other resources and minimizing waste generation and disposal.

Since commissioning, several environmental initiatives have been implemented to mitigate environmental risk. These include:

  • Regular auditing by external parties of the tailing storage facility.
  • In 2005, ISO 14001 accreditation was attained at the port, filter plant and concentrate pipeline facilities.
  • Recycling of water (about 75%) in the tailing storage facility for use in the concentrator.
  • Establishing a joint water monitoring program with representatives from the provincial government to monitor the area of influence of the mine site.
  • Conducting research into the long term rehabilitation of waste materials.
  • Making provisions for closure and rehabilitation in the life-of-mine plan and financial statements.