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Workplace Safety

The Wharf mine has achieved major milestones in health and safety including operating two years without a lost time accident. Part of Wharf's commitment to providing its employees a safe and healthy work environment is the drug/alcohol free policy implemented in 1997. In March 2014 the Marlin Mine Safety System  was certified under the OHSAS 18001 Gudielines by the International Auditor Bureau Veritas becoming the first Mine in Central America to be certified under this guidelines.

Current safety initiatives include the implementation of an electrical best-practices program, developing a root-cause analysis investigation process and increasing the frequency of occupational health monitoring.


The Wharf mine is committed to the protection and preservation of the environment and to ensuring compliance with all relevant industry standards, environmental legislation and regulations. The environmental objectives and targets involve the participation of all employees, allowing them to take an active role in optimizing Wharf's environmental stewardship. Aggressive sampling programs monitor air quality, water quality, wildlife and reclamation of mined lands.

Mine planning includes an active and very successful reclamation plan. As mining is conducted, areas are developed for reclamation as quickly as possible.