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Over its 31-year life, the Wharf mine has provided substantial benefits to the local community and the South Dakota state government. Wharf continues to provide benefits to the community through direct employment of locals, and local purchase of goods and services whenever possible. In addition, Wharf makes every effort to support the community's future economy, including plans to develop one of the reclaimed areas with the physical contours that will enable a future ski resort.

$1 Million Goldcorp-Wharf Sustainable Value Fund endowed to Wharf community charities and nonprofits
The communites surrounding the Wharf mine received a million-dollar endowment fund, intended as an enduring legacy for local non-profit and charitable organizations. The fund was the brainchild of Bill Shand, the mine's General Manager, and Ron Everett, the Administrative Manager. The $1 million is the biggest single charitable contribution the Wharf operation has ever made, and the largest that the South Dakota Community Foundation has ever received. The fund currently provides support for local organizations and will continue increasing the value of the fund as long as the mine is in operation.  The intention is to create an endowment fund to support the surrounding communities well after the mine has closed.

“This financial investment from Wharf demonstrates their long term commitment to the residence of Lead and the surrounding areas.  Money will be available to address the ever-changing needs of the community for generations to come .”  – Stephanie Judson, President of the South Dakota Community Foundation