TSX: G $ 22.14 +0.24 +1.1% Volume: 1,037,715 May 28, 2015
NYSE: GG $ 17.81 +0.24 +1.37% Volume: 4,264,165 May 28, 2015
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Workplace Safety

To enhance Red Lake’s current robust safety program, continuous improvements to safety practices and training are ongoing. Safety training is standardized across the operations for all employees.

Working with the First Nations in Northern Ontario, Goldcorp has developed a training program to help develop new underground miners. In 2005, the Stope School opened to train new recruits, of which 80% are local First Nations, in the stope method of underground mining. Successful students obtain their Ontario Common Core Certificate, which permits them to work in an underground mine.


In December 2010, Red Lake was certified under the International Cyanide Management Code, the international benchmark for transporting, storing and using cyanide.

Red Lake has developed a series of management programs for environmental activities and tailings management. At the Campbell complex, a nine-hectare wetland reduces the concentrations of contaminants in the waste rock and tailings pond discharges through naturally occurring microbial forces as the discharge water moves through the wetlands. The Campbell Complex is one of the first gold mines in Ontario to use microbial processes to produce a non-toxic discharge. This system is now being introduced to the Red Lake Complex.