TSX: G $ 30.17 +0.90 +3.08% Volume: 950,619 July 25, 2014
NYSE: GG $ 27.93 +0.69 +2.53% Volume: 1,471,842 July 25, 2014
GOLD: US $ 1,298.21 +4.36 +0.34% Volume: July 25, 2014

Ore is extracted from four zones: T-Antiform, PQ Deeps, Esker and Moose. Most of the T-Antiform reserves have been extracted, and mining in this zone is expected to reduce. The PQ Deeps zone is taking over as the primary ore zone, with contributions from the newly-discovered Lynx zone. Drilling continues to expand the Lynx zone vertically and along the plunge to the north.

Musselwhite’s processing includes crushing, grinding, leaching by cyanidation, carbon in pulp recovery and electrowinning, to achieve an overall recovery of approximately 96%.