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Workplace Safety

Marigold is committed to making the mine "Safe Enough for Our Families", meaning every worker should feel comfortable with another family member performing their tasks. Marigold also reached out to workers’ families to promote safety in all aspects of life. A variety of programs are offered for family members, such as the Home Safety Challenge and participation in annual safety training programs.

The core elements of our safety and health programs include Hazard Recognition, Evaluation and Control, employee involvement and accountability.
Health and safety projects include implementation of a Safety Management Information System, completing the implementation of the DELTA Safety Leadership Training and enhancing Marigold's occupational health program.


In 2006, Marigold became the first operating mine in the world to be certified as fully compliant with the International Cyanide Management Code, the international benchmark for transporting, storing and using cyanide. In 2010, it became the first operation in the world to attain re-certification.

Marigold is committed to sound environmental stewardship that integrates proven methods for protecting, reclaiming and enhancing the environment at every stage of mine development. At the same time, the operation seeks to develop innovative approaches to environmental management that promise to produce more effective results.

In 2010, Marigold initiated efforts to begin a detailed, regional Mule Deer study. In addition to conducting numerous vegetation and habitat studies, Marigold is providing funding for the Nevada Department of Wildlife to install radio collars on several animals to aid in tracking seasonal migration patterns.