TSX: G $ 26.01 -0.21 -0.8% Volume: 2,599,146 April 17, 2014
NYSE: GG $ 23.60 -0.21 -0.88% Volume: 3,894,252 April 17, 2014
GOLD: US $ 1,295.10 -7.55 -0.58% Volume: April 17, 2014

Joint Ventures & Exploration Partnerships.

In addition to our own exploration programs, we seek out exploration partnerships and joint ventures with exploration-focused companies working in complementary low-risk jurisdictions. These partnerships provide us with low-risk access to exploration upside, while benefiting our partners through additional project funding and assistance with technical expertise to advance projects beyond the exploration phase.

Some of our joint venture and/or exploration partners are listed below. Please note that this is not a complete list, and the details of the partnerships are subject to change.

Azimut Exploration Inc. (AZM: TSX-V) – Goldcorp has earned a 51% interest in the Wabamisk property and formed a Joint Venture with partner Azimut Exploration. Goldcorp, as operator, has elected to pursue the Second Option whereby it can earn a 70% interest by funding further exploration and completing a bankable feasibility study.The Wabamisk property is located about 80 km southeast of Goldcorp's Eleonore project.  See Eastmain for additional joint venture information.

Candente Gold Corp (CDG: TSX) - In June 2012, Candente Gold earned a 70% interest in The El Oro gold-silver property in Mexico/Michoacan States in central Mexico with Goldcorp holding the remaining 30% interest.

Cerro Resources NL (CJO: TSXV) – In January 2006, through a predecessor company, Cerro Resources earned a 51% interest in the Cerro del Gallo gold-silver-copper property located in the state of Guanajuato in central Mexico. By continuing to fund and operate exploration programs on the property, Cerro Resources interest has increased to 65.2%, with Goldcorp holding the remaining 34.8%.

Chesapeake Gold Corp (CKG-TSX-V) - In 2006, Chesapeake earned a 75% interest in The La Gitana gold-silver property in the state of Oaxaca in Southern Mexico.

Claude Resources Inc. (CRJ:TSX) & Sabina Silver Corp. (SBB:TSX) – In September 2007, Claude & Sabina were Joint Venture partners exploring the Redaurum Property approximately eight km west of the town of Red Lake.  Each partner holds Claude 25%, Sabina 20% and Goldcorp 55% interest in the Project, with Goldcorp acting as Operator.

Eastmain Resources Inc. (ER: TSX) – Eastmain, Goldcorp, and Azimut Exploration Inc. are joint venture partners exploring the Éléonore South property, located adjacent to Goldcorp’s Éléonore Project in the James Bay area of Quebec. As project manager, Eastmain coordinates exploration activities. Goldcorp currently holds a 35% interest in the Éléonore South Project.

Goldgroup Mining Inc. (GGA: TSX) – In May of 2007, Goldgroup entered into an option agreement, with Goldcorp to earn a 70% interest on the El Candelero gold-silver property located 10 km west of San Dimas Mining District, in the state of Sinaloa in Western Mexico. Goldgroup is the project operator during the option period.

Halo Resources (HLO: TSX-V) – In June of 2001, Halo Resources earned a 60%, 45%, and 30% interest from Goldcorp on three individual property blocks which together comprise the West Red Lake Property.  The West Red Lake property is located approximately 32 km west of the Red Lake operations. Halo is the project operator.

Lexam VG Gold Inc. (LEX: TSX) - The Paymaster West property, located within the Porcupine mining district, was optioned by Lexam VG Gold from Goldcorp in June 2008. The Property is situated immediately west of Goldcorp's Dome Mine and milling facility. Under the terms of the option agreement, Lexam VG Gold, as project operator, can earn a 60% interest in the property.

Metals Creek Corp. (MEK: TSX-V) - In December 2008, Metals Creek optioned the Ogden Property, situated six km south of Timmins city center. The property straddles an eight-kilometre section of the western strike projection of the Porcupine-Destor Fault and includes the past-producing Naybob gold mine. Metals Creek is the project operator during the option period. In June 2012 Metals Creek completed it's option requirements and earned a 50% interest in the property.

Pele Mountain Resources Inc. (GEM: TSX-V) – Pele Mountain Resources and Goldcorp formed a 50-50 joint venture on the Festival Diamond project located near Wawa, Ontario.

Planet Exploration Inc. (PXI: TSX-V) –  In May 2006, Goldcorp earned a 60% interest in the Sidace Lake project in Red Lake, Ontario, and formed a joint venture with Planet Exploration. Goldcorp is the Operator of the project, which is located approximately 28 km northeast of the Red Lake operations.

Premier Gold Mines Ltd. (PG: TSX) – In May 2007, a joint venture agreement was made between Goldcorp and Premier where each company contributed mining properties to form the Rahill-Bonanza project.  The Rahill-Bonanza project is situated between the Red Lake operations and the past-producing Cochenour mine. Goldcorp is the project operator with 51% interest and Premier holds the remaining 49%. In addition, Goldcorp and Premier have entered into a Joint Venture Agreement on the East Bay property also located in the Red Lake district. Goldcorp is the operator and has a 65% interest in the joint venture with Premier holding the remaining 35%.

Quaterra Resources Inc. (QTA: TSX-V) - In February 2010, Goldcorp entered into an Investment Framework Agreement (IFA) that provides Goldcorp with an option to acquire up to a 65% interest in certain mining properties, held by or acquired by Quaterra in central Mexico. Recently Goldcorp selected the Sierra Sabino property located 120 km south of Goldcorp's Peñasquito mine as the first advanced project under the terms of the IFA.

Sheltered Oak Resources (OAK: TSX-V) – In April 2011, Sheltered Oak Resources entered into an Option Agreement with Goldcorp whereby Sheltered Oak, upon meeting certain expenditure, cash and share payment obligations, can earn a 60% interest on a group of mining leases located about 90 km north-east of Timmins, Ontario (subject to back-in rights in favour of Goldcorp). 

Skyharbour Resources Ltd. (SYH: TSX-V) & Bayfield Ventures Corp. (BYV: TSX-V) - Skyharbour Resources and Bayfield Ventures Corp. each respectively own a 24.5% interest in the Baird Property located 14 km southwest of the Red Lake operations. Goldcorp owns the remaining 51% interest and is project operator.

St Andrew Goldfields Ltd. (SAS: TSX) – St Andrew Goldfields has satisfied exploration expenditure requirements to earn a 40% interest in properties owned by Goldcorp located in Carr, Taylor, Beatty, and Clergue Townships, east of Timmins and can earn an additional 20% upon fulfilling further exploration expenditures. St Andrew is project operator.

Starcore International Mines Ltd. (SAM: TSX) - In Jun of 2007, Starcore entered into an option agreement with Goldcorp to earn an 80% interest on the Cerro Dolores silver-lead-zinc property located in Puebla/Guerrero States in Southern Mexico. Starcore is the project operator during the option period.

Temex Resources Corp. (TME: TSX-V) – In June of 2010, Temex acquired from Goldcorp a 60% interest in the mining rights of the upper portion (from surface to a depth of 1000 ft) of the historic Hallnor Mine Property. This acquisition, together with an existing 60% ownership by Temex of the lower portion of the property (below 1000 ft), consolidates project ownership of this past producer located in the Timmins mining district. Temex is the operator of the project.

Virginia Mines Inc. (VGQ: TSX) – Virginia and Goldcorp are joint venture partners exploring the Corvet Est property, located in the James Bay area of Québec, approximately 120 km northeast of the Éléonore project. Each partner holds a 50% interest in the project, with Virginia acting as project operator.

West Red Lake Gold Mines Inc. (RLG: CNSX) - In October 2010, West Red Lake earned a 60% interest to form a joint venture with Goldcorp on the Rowan property located about 26 km west of the Red Lake operations. West Red Lake is currently the project operator.

TSX: G $ 26.01 -0.21 -0.8% Volume: 2,599,146 April 17, 2014
NYSE: GG $ 23.60 -0.21 -0.88% Volume: 3,894,252 April 17, 2014
GOLD: US $ 1,295.10 -7.55 -0.58% Volume: April 17, 2014