TSX: G $ 17.91 +0.52 +2.99% Volume: 2,908,903 October 6, 2015
NYSE: GG $ 13.74 +0.44 +3.31% Volume: 14,934,616 October 6, 2015
GOLD: US $ 1,147.18 +11.32 +1% Volume: October 6, 2015

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Investing to improve community education, health & economic well-being.

At Goldcorp, we are committed to making a positive difference in the communities and countries where we are located. We strive to improve local socio-economic circumstances through economic contributions, community involvement, community consultation, support of health and education, and the sponsorship of special events. We work in partnership with community bodies, government officials and other stakeholders to increase understanding of cultures, customs and values, and to encourage open, constructive dialogue and trust.

The Story of Peñasquito

Case Study: Peñasquito School Drug Awareness Programs

In late 2007, the Peñasquito project in Mexico sponsored a Drug Awareness Program in 12 communities in the Mazapil Municipality. Its objective was to raise awareness among students and their families of the harmful effects of alcohol, tobacco and other drugs. The program also helped train teachers in the early detection of drug abuse. 262 students, 137 family members and 21 teachers participated.

Case Study: San Martin Socio-Economic and Educational Support

At San Martin mine in Honduras (which is in the closure phase) we continue to support the local community with a range of social programs. In addition to benefits that include road maintenance, dust suppression systems, water supply and sewage systems, we have supported the building and maintenance of educational facilities and provided teachers for local elementary schools. Our scholarships have helped more than 145 local students attend elementary school, high school and graduate school. Click here to view San Martin's reclamation video.

Case Study: Los Filos Educational Assistance

To support education in the Carrizalillo community, near the Los FIlos mine, we have undertaken a number of projects including:

  • scholarships for local students
  • construction of a Community Computer Center, including equipment and Internet access
  • construction of a kindergarten classroom
  • construction of toilet block for the local primary school

Case Study: Red Lake Mine, Stope School

Working with the First Nations in Northern Ontario, we have developed a training program to help develop new underground miners. In 2005, we opened our Stope School (which trains students in the stope method of underground mining) to train new recruits, 80% of whom are local First Nations. Successful students obtain their Ontario Common Core Certificate, which permits them to work in an underground mine.

TSX: G $ 17.91 +0.52 +2.99% Volume: 2,908,903 October 6, 2015
NYSE: GG $ 13.74 +0.44 +3.31% Volume: 14,934,616 October 6, 2015
GOLD: US $ 1,147.18 +11.32 +1% Volume: October 6, 2015