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Community contributions support our vision of creating sustainable value by enhancing social and economic development opportunities and creating a lasting, positive impact in the communities where we work.

Community contributions at Goldcorp refer to pre-allocated/committed/contractually obligated contributions and discretionary contributions including: donations, community contributions, infrastructure investments, legacy/sustainable funds made in and/or with local communities, stakeholder groups and partners, business investments and sponsorships. These contributions support our strategic objectives, benefit communities and aim to build trusting relationships. Community contributions extend beyond taxes, procurement and hiring to include meaningful projects and programs that enhance social and economic development, support the global Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and create lasting benefits and value beyond mine closure.

The table below summarizes on our recent year’s community contributions.

Goldcorp's Donations policy can be downloaded here: English - French - Spanish. Please review the Donations policy and our application form before submitting funding requests. Submit completed application forms to info@goldcorp.com.

Category Importance Our Contributions Examples
Total Community Contributions In 2014, we started reporting the approximate donations and community investments values in the categories of Health, Education, Community development, Arts and Culture, Infrastructure and Other. These figures shown below are part of the total annual community contributions figures provided. 2015 $27 million Most recent examples are shown below. For more detailed information, please visit each year’s Sustainability Report.
2014 $62 million
2013 $23 million
2012 $12.6 million
2011 $12.5 million
Health The health and well-being of the communities around our operations continues to be a key priority. We support local sports and recreation programs, medical research and infrastructure, local hospital foundations, and health and sanitation awareness campaigns. 2015 $2.2 million We contributed $605,000 to support the Heart and Stroke Foundation’s awareness initiatives across Canada to reduce death and disability from stroke in remote and northern communities.
2014 $2.5 million
Education Educational programs and initiatives support childhood, youth and adult development in the communities where we operate. 2015 $2.5 million We contributed $420,000 towards a new Industrial Mechanics program at Alto del Carmen Technical High School, launched in July 2015. The course is open to 15,000 young people across northern Chile, with 80 students projected to graduate by 2018.
2014 $2.6 million
Community development Community development donations and investments promote sustainable value beyond the mine life and create a vibrant local culture. 2015 $12.1 million We contributed over $160,000 to support the Aboriginal Mining and Skilled Trades Entry Project (AMSTEP) near our Musselwhite mine in Canada. AMSTEP is a partnership between Oshki-Pimache-O-Win Education and Training Institute (OSHKI) and Goldcorp to provide career skills to Aboriginal youth.
2014 $ 14 million
Arts and culture Arts and culture help strengthen the cultures and diversity of communities while preserving heritage and promoting traditions. 2015 $ 0.8 million We donated $500,000 to the Arts Club Theatre Company and Bard of the Beach Shakespeare Festival in Vancouver, which was used towards the construction of a new facility that will enable both organizations to better serve the community.
2014 $1.5 million
Infrastructure We support local development through infrastructure projects, which provide a shared benefit to the operation and the community. 2015 $3.9 million We supported the refurbishment of a hospital in Perito Moreno, Argentina, by providing US$470,500 in infrastructure and equipment funding, plus a US$3,800 monthly top-up fund over one year. This enabled the hospital to upgrade its operating room, obtain equipment for performing emergency surgeries, and expand services to serve neighbouring communities up to 60 kilometres away.
2014 $4 million
Other This includes support to disaster relief, environmental investments and other miscellaneous initiatives. 2015 $5.3 million Éléonore mine collaborated with FaunENord and local school children to participate in a carbon-offset project involving mature tree planting and the creation of green islands in Chibougamau, Québec.

$5.5 million