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The Voluntary Principles establishes a set of principles to help companies ensure the respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms.

For more on the Principles, please visit http://voluntaryprinciples.org/

Implementing the Voluntary Principles at the Marlin mine

In light of the country’s difficult history, companies operating in Guatemala face challenges in restoring the respect for human rights and institutional credibility. In 2006, we introduced the Voluntary Principles on Security and Human Rights at the Marlin mine, located in the western highlands of Guatemala.

All security staff now receive training on the Voluntary Principles and Goldcorp's commitment to adhere to them, including the use of force and firearms. All security staff are required to undergo training on the Universal Declaration on Human Rights. Security staff must certify that they have received human rights training and will comply with the Company's Human Rights Policy and security requirements.

All security contracts with third-party providers at Marlin have been amended to ensure human rights training and compliance with the Voluntary Principles, both on and off site. Non-compliance with these terms will not be tolerated. As a result, we replaced one company that felt it would be unable to comply with the terms of the new contract.

We take very seriously our commitment to the Voluntary Principles. We ensure compliance with the Voluntary Principles through periodic third-party assessments. The assessors provide several recommendations for improvement, which we continue to implement. For example, security supervisors work closely with our Community Relations/Sustainable Development Department to develop local contacts that allow them to more accurately assess local concerns and take measured actions to avert problems. Much has been achieved since the Voluntary Principles process was initiated, including:

  • The drawing up of Standard Operating Procedures for risk situations and the appropriate security responses
  • Revisions to the use-of-force guidelines and practices
  • Training on the appropriate use of force (including non-lethal force) and on relevant human rights conventions, including the Universal Declaration on Human Rights and the Voluntary Principles
  • The designation of a qualified trainer and the development of a comprehensive training syllabus
  • The initiation of reporting procedures that document all relevant security incidents
  • The writing of a Code of Conduct for security personnel, which includes the directive to provide medical assistance to any person injured in a security incident
  • Negotiating the inclusion of compliance with the Voluntary Principles into security contracts
  • Arranging an increased National Civil Police (PNC) presence at critical road junctions on employee paydays
  • Exploring the increased professionalism of security supervisors through obtaining ASIS certification (ASIS International is an organization dedicated to increasing the effectiveness and productivity of security professionals by developing educational programs and materials that address broad security interests)
  • The establishment of controls on arms and other lethal-force weapons

The Voluntary Principles are also being applied at the Los Filos mine in Mexico. Based on the lessons learned at Marlin and Los Filos, we plan to expand their implementation to other operations.