TSX: G $ 23.17 -0.49 -2.07% Volume: 1,870,643 March 26, 2015
NYSE: GG $ 18.60 -0.37 -1.95% Volume: 8,314,425 March 26, 2015
GOLD: US $ 1,204.58 +9.26 +0.77% Volume: March 26, 2015

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Contributing to the communities in which we live and work.

We recognize the importance of contributing to the communities in which we operate and therefore provide support to a wide variety of initiatives and organizations through charitable donations and sponsorships, contributing to areas such as education, health, the environment, community development and the arts. We offer local communities a better future through partnerships that focus on leaving a legacy of social and economic benefits.

Carleton University- Advancing Women in Leadership

Carleton University partnered with Goldcorp to create a new advancing women in leadership program which aims to give women new insights, depth and skills to navigate the system and to lead change. Goldcorp believes in prioritizing gender equality and developing its people to be their best. 

Colorado School of Mines

Colorado School of Mines is a small public teaching and research university devoted to engineering and applied science, with special expertise in the development and stewardship of the Earth's natural resources.  Goldcorp provides support to the Economic Geology program through an undergraduate scholarship program and funding to support the development of a new field course in Geology and Geological Engineering. 

CONALEP scholarship program 

The CONALEP scholarship program in Mazapil, Mexico provides college-level training in skilled trades to local youth.

Dalhousie University Professorship in Mining Engineering

A donation of $300,000 from Goldcorp to Dalhousie University’s Mineral Resource Engineering Program will create the Goldcorp Professorship in Mineral Engineering to increase teaching capacity, expand program breadth and provide more opportunities for students.New programming will supplement Dalhousie’s existing emphasis on health, safety and environmental aspects of mining engineering. Dalhousie is one of Canada’s oldest and most respected educational institutions. The University is devoted to providing students with real-world experience that go beyond the traditional classroom. 

The Fraser Institute - Mining Studies

The Fraser Institute’s Mining Studies mission is to study, measure and communicate the effects of mining policy on prosperity, employment, the environment, infrastructure and other indicators of well-being. The Institute also works towards developing best-practices policy frameworks that benefit local communities and the mining industry, and creating public support for sound mining policies through a strong communications program. Goldcorp values the Institute’s contribution to the community and mining industry.

The Lassonde Institute for Engineering Geoscience

The Lassonde Institute for Engineering Geoscience is an interdisciplinary research institute within the University of Toronto created to be at the forefront of leading-edge research in Engineering Geoscience. It is an international center of excellence in Engineering Geoscience encompassing engineers, geophysicists, geologists, geochemists, materials scientists and environmental scientists who are interested in research that crosses disciplines and traditional boundaries. With the development of the Goldcorp Mining Innovation Suite, Goldcorp, the Lassonde Institute and the University of Toronto will continue to make an important contribution to the economic and environmental health of the mining industry for years to come.

Mineral Deposit Research Unit

The Mineral Deposit Research Unit (MDRU) is a collaborative venture between the mining industry and The University of British Columbia (UBC). The unit, which was established in 1989 with support and financial assistance from the mining industry and the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC), is an important part of the Department of Earth and Ocean Sciences and an internationally recognized research group devoted to solving mineral exploration-related problems. Goldcorp recognizes, by donation, the value of this venture to the mining industry.

Montana Tech

For the past 108 years, Montana Tech has earned a reputation as one of the finest science, engineering and technical colleges in the world. Montana Tech is a leader in undergraduate and graduate education and research in the Pacific Northwest in engineering science, energy, health, information sciences and technology. Goldcorp is a principal sponsor of the Montana Tech Underground Mine Education Center, and has established the Goldcorp, Inc. Endowed Professorship.

National Centre for Business Law

The National Centre for Business Law provides a robust, interdisciplinary and empirical research environment for research and scholarship in business law and finance policy, focused on both domestic and international comparative law. The Centre offers outstanding educational programs in business law for LL.B., graduate and professional students, enhancing the quality of students’ learning experience by increasing engagement with contemporary business law issues. Goldcorp is pleased to be a Platinum Affiliate of The National Centre for Business Law.

Rocky Mountain Mineral Law Foundation

The Rocky Mountain Mineral Law Foundation is an educational organization dedicated to providing scholarly research of the laws and issues affecting domestic and international mineral and water resources. The goals of the Foundation are to foster and encourage a scholarly and yet practical study of the law and applicable regulations relating to oil and gas, mining, water, public land management, land use, conservation, environmental protection and other related areas. Goldcorp recognizes, by donation, the importance of the Foundation.

Shad Valley

Goldcorp is a proud sponsor of Shad Valley, a summer program for personal enrichment that is dedicated to creating and promoting a new generation of Canadian leaders, inspiring them to achieve personal, educational and professional achievements at the highest level. The key academic areas in which Shad Valley focuses are: engineering, science, technology and entrepreneurship.

Simon Fraser University - Goldcorp Centre for the Arts

Simon Fraser University’s Contemporary Arts campus in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside is a centre for creative discovery, dialogue and collaboration in a broad range of artistic disciplines. The recently opened building is named the Goldcorp Centre for the Arts in recognition of Goldcorp’s donation of $10 million. Half of Goldcorp’s funding goes to the SFU Contemporary Arts, capital campaign and half is in an endowment fund that will support programs aimed at community engagement in the Downtown Eastside.

South Dakota School of Mines

The South Dakota School of Mines & Technology is devoted to science and engineering research. The school provides graduates with invaluable skills in design, construct, and operating the most modern technology. Goldcorp is proud to partner with them to create a legacy of educational excellence.

Telfer School of Management - University of Ottawa

The Telfer School of Management at the University of Ottawa aims to be recognized as a leading institution for management education and innovative research. Through its academic programs, offered in both English and French, the Telfer School seeks to prepare its students to assume leadership positions in today’s global economy and to instil in them the highest standards of integrity, ethics and social consciousness. Goldcorp is a strong supporter of the School’s vision and high quality of education and research.

University of British Columbia

The University of British Columbia (UBC) holds an international reputation for excellence in advanced research and learning. To assist in the development of these characteristics, Goldcorp made a commitment to donate $5 million to support the Earth Systems Science Building (ESSB) over the course of five years. In recognition of this noteworthy donation, UBC will name the Teaching and Learning Wing within the ESSB the Goldcorp Inc. Teaching and Learning Wing.

University of British Columbia - Faculty of Applied Science

On the eve of International Women’s Day, Goldcorp donated $500,000 to be paid over five years to establish the Goldcorp Professorship in Women in Engineering at the UBC Faculty of Applied Science. The professorship focuses on promoting engineering as a creative and rewarding career to high school students proficient in science, engineering and math, as well as school counselors and parent groups. Recruiting begins this summer with the aim of increasing female enrollment from the national average of 20% to 50% over the next five years.

Université Laval 

Demonstrating our continued support for Quebec communities, Goldcorp granted $1 million over five years to establish the Goldcorp Research and Innovation Chair in Natural Resources and Energy Law at Université Laval, Canada’s oldest education centre. The Chair is supplemented by a $250,000 contribution from the Fasken Martineau law firm to develop unique research capabilities in all aspects of natural resources and energy law, including land management, aboriginal and property rights and environmental performance.

University of Nevada, Mackay School of Earth Sciences & Engineering

Established in 1908, the Mackay School of Earth Sciences and Engineering builds on century-old traditions as one of the first comprehensive mining schools. In 2004, our predecessor company Glamis Gold endowed a faculty position in minerals engineering at the Mackay School, and Goldcorp has extended the tradition with an endowment of the Goldcorp Term Professorship in Mining Engineering that will help ensure the school’s continued excellence.

University of Ottawa

The University of Ottawa is one of the leading universities in the nation. Goldcorp Inc. and the University of Ottawa’s Faculty of Science have united to create the new Goldcorp Chair in Economic Geology. Goldcorp pledged a gift of $1.5 million to the University of Ottawa as an endowment for the Chair. Funds made available through the Goldcorp Chair are being used to support research and education initiatives with a focus on mineral resources in the Canadian Shield.

TSX: G $ 23.17 -0.49 -2.07% Volume: 1,870,643 March 26, 2015
NYSE: GG $ 18.60 -0.37 -1.95% Volume: 8,314,425 March 26, 2015
GOLD: US $ 1,204.58 +9.26 +0.77% Volume: March 26, 2015