TSX: G $ 22.48 -0.28 -1.23% Volume: 2,471,807 February 21, 2017
NYSE: GG $ 17.09 -0.30 -1.73% Volume: 7,137,656 February 21, 2017
GOLD: US $ 1,235.07 -2.48 -0.2% Volume: February 21, 2017

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When you’re building a career, the first step is critical. For that first job, you need a working environment that will challenge you, test you, and offer you the opportunity to work with and learn from the best in the industry.

It’s also essential that you choose a company that’s on an upward path—one whose growth will continue to open up new opportunities for advancement as your skills and experience increase.

With more than a dozen mining projects in production or under development, Goldcorp offers unmatched opportunities. We have the strength and stability of the world’s second largest gold producer, and the drive of a company on the path to increasing its production by 70% over the next five years.

Safia Saleem

"Goldcorp is a great place to work for the summer, you'll get to see the production side of it, the exploration side of it, even the regional side of it, you'll get to try everything."

Safia Saleem

Recent or soon-to-be graduates

Your career’s about to take off, and you’re looking for the right launch pad. Goldcorp can take you there! We’re the fastest growing senior gold producer. For the right people, Goldcorp offers a rewarding future of international scope, with tremendous potential for personal and career development and unmatched job satisfaction. For more information, please read our Graduate Development Program brochure.

Graduate Development Program

Goldcorp’s enhanced Graduate Development Program has increased to a five-year program in which newly recruited graduates gain on-the-job skills through planned rotations of our operations, achieving development milestones and the Technical Indicators needed to obtain their professional designation.

Over the five-year program, graduates will:

  1. Participate in Goldcorp’s Leadership Development Workshops and benefit from having a mentor throughout the duration of the program.
  2. Gain Operations experience in areas such as underground, open pit or surface for a period of 12 months during the first placement.
  3. Gain Technical Development experience at one of our mine sites for a duration of 18 months.
  4. Rotate to a different site for 18 months and earn further experience in Technical Development with one of our leading industry experts.
  5. Obtain Supervisor experience for a period of 12 months during the second placement.
  6. Be provided with a permanent placement upon completion of the program.

The Graduate Development Program has been designed with the following objectives:

  • Attract and retain talented people at Goldcorp
  • Accelerate technical development and leadership competencies among graduates
  • Support integration of graduates into the workforce
  • Strengthen relationships between graduates and other employees at the sites
  • Inform graduates of their career path options

What Graduates can expect from us:

  • Experience: access to a diverse, multi-phase project portfolio spanning our underground and open pit operations
  • Mentorship: meaningful, accessible guidance from assigned senior staff
  • Mobility: skills and training received through exposure to different areas of our business
  • Compensation: competitive, market-based salary and bonus by discipline
  • Permanent Placement: permanent employment upon successful completion of the program

Co-op, Internship & Summer Placements

Get your Goldcorp career started early—join us as while you’re still a student! We offer a limited number of student co-op, internship and summer placement opportunities for motivated students in a variety of disciplines. You’ll experience the many rewards of our vibrant, performance-driven culture, and we’ll benefit from your energy, drive and determination. Apply Now

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Follow us for updates on career fairs and university events where you can meet Goldcorp people and discuss your career options.

TSX: G $ 22.48 -0.28 -1.23% Volume: 2,471,807 February 21, 2017
NYSE: GG $ 17.09 -0.30 -1.73% Volume: 7,137,656 February 21, 2017
GOLD: US $ 1,235.07 -2.48 -0.2% Volume: February 21, 2017