TSX: G $ 15.77 +0.19 +1.22% Volume: 2,330,269 November 24, 2015
NYSE: GG $ 11.85 +0.21 +1.8% Volume: 6,647,665 November 24, 2015
GOLD: US $ 1,070.24 -5.73 -0.53% Volume: November 24, 2015

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"The Globe and Mail says we’re one of Canada’s Top 100 Employers. The Financial Post says we’re one of the Ten Best Companies to Work For. While we agree, there’s a lot more to Goldcorp."

What makes Goldcorp unique?

We’re a fast-growing company with unlimited opportunity. We have grown to become one of the world’s top senior gold producers. Over the next two years we are forecasted 50% growth in gold production.

We’re all about achievement. Our culture is guided by integrity and inclusion. Each individual’s experience and ingenuity is valued and respected. We are assertive, innovative and diverse—and we all share a pursuit of personal and professional excellence.

We’re committed to creating sustainable value. We embrace safe mining practices, environmental responsibility and sharing the socio-economic rewards of mining among shareholders, employees, partners and local communities.

Olga Drueker

"Starting out it's all about growing your career, and gaining experience -- a variety of experiences -- and being challenged. That's definitely something you can find here at Goldcorp."

Olga Drueker

The Six Pillars


We provide opportunities for personal and professional development. It’s about helping our people reach their full potential. We value and respect each individual’s contributions. Working at Goldcorp is more than just a job - it’s a life choice.


We are committed to protecting our people by looking out for each other, by recognizing the complexity of the task at hand, and by enhancing our abilities to recognize and deal with risk. Goldcorp leads safety because We Care.


Within and outside the company, being a good partner is essential to being a good corporate citizen in the communities where we operate. Good partnership facilitates teamwork and allows us to apply our collective expertise.

Safe Production

We strive to continually improve our quality and output in whatever technical measure is relevant to where we work. Our overall gold production is the result of thousands of different technical inputs.


Growing our reserves is fundamental to the long-term viability of our business. By replacing the gold we produce, we provide the resources for future development. Growing Reserves ensures Goldcorp’s future.


Every one of us must be aware, at all times, of the financial implications of our decisions. Strong margins will ensure Goldcorp remains one of the lowest cost gold producers and will allow us to deliver on our commitment to shareholders. Goldcorp is a business-focused corporation with an eye on the bottom line.

Mutual Commitment

Our people are committed to our strategic goals. And we are committed to helping our people achieve theirs.

Safe Enough for Our Families

If it’s not safe enough for our families, it’s not safe enough. Your health and safety are our first priority. Period.


Through meaningful training, enterprise-wide apprenticeships, and professional development programs, we share our collective experience and know-how. We actively encourage collaborative work to ensure opportunities for both mentorship and growth.

Movement within our global network

We can offer a career to satisfy anyone’s need for development and evolution, from our work environments (fly-in/fly-out, town-based, and corporate roles) to varying schedules, operations, and cultural dynamics. Our network offers unparalleled professional and cultural opportunities: if it’s change you crave, you won’t be disappointed.


It’s not the only reason people work, but it’s high on the list. We’re competitive, offering attractive remuneration with market-based salaries, performance-based incentives, and employee share purchase programs. We also are committed to adding value through retirement programs and full-spectrum health benefit plans across our operations.

Work & play

We believe in the value of play and we develop health and wellness facilities and activities for our people across our operations including fitness memberships and equipment reimbursement, gym facilities at remote sites, wellness programs, and team and recreation group sponsorship.


We are actively invested as citizens in our operating communities, striving to build sustainable social and economic prosperity. Each operation affords a unique perspective and experience and we count on our people to grow our positive reputation around the world. Wherever we go, we work under a common vision: to be Responsible, Respected, and Welcomed.

All are welcome

We maintain an inclusive, diverse, and discrimination-free culture across all our operations, bringing our focus on human rights and operational excellence with us around the world. These are just some of the cultural values that make us strong.

Creating Choices

Creating Choices is a training, development and mentoring program for women at Goldcorp. Click here for more information.

TSX: G $ 15.77 +0.19 +1.22% Volume: 2,330,269 November 24, 2015
NYSE: GG $ 11.85 +0.21 +1.8% Volume: 6,647,665 November 24, 2015
GOLD: US $ 1,070.24 -5.73 -0.53% Volume: November 24, 2015