TSX: G $ 16.23 +0.01 +0.03% Volume: 635,151 August 23, 2017
NYSE: GG $ 12.93 +0.02 +0.15% Volume: 1,763,112 August 23, 2017
GOLD: US $ 1,290.73 +5.25 +0.41% Volume: August 23, 2017

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Goldcorp Culture

At Goldcorp, our culture is the core of our business. This culture is represented by our vision, our values and our six pillars.


At Goldcorp, our vision, Together Creating
Sustainable Value,
describes why we’re in business.

Together: We cannot achieve our goals alone. We work as a team, with all others in the organization, building collaborative partnerships with communities, governments and stakeholders for mutual success.

Creating: We find and mine gold safely. Everything we do throughout our organization, across locations, is focused on safe production and creating value.

Sustainable Value: We create value for our investors and our employees. But more importantly, we also create careers, support community development activities, and our operations create wealth on a local, regional and a national basis every day. We are committed to making sure that the places where we operate are left as good or better than how we found them. And most importantly, that we make a lasting positive impact on people’s lives through our business.


Our Values allow us to stand apart; they shape our culture and drive our success going forward. It is our Values that define who we are and most importantly, how we work.

At Goldcorp, we believe in:

Safe Production: We CARE, THINK and ACT safely because no ounce of gold is worth dying for. Safe Production means taking accountability and caring about your own safety and the safety of others. It is about creating a workplace that is Safe Enough for Our Families.

Acting Ethically: Ethics is more than a set of rules – it’s about having the courage to say and do the right thing, no matter what. Acting Ethically means having integrity and treating others with respect. We consistently do the right thing, do an honest day’s work, protect personal and corporate data, conserve company resources, and abide by our Code of Conduct.

Respecting All Our Stakeholders: Respect is about building partnerships, being a team player and treating people fairly. We are in business to provide benefits to a broad range of stakeholders; our investors, our employees, our neighbours – and the only way that we can do this, is by respecting and truly listening to those that are impacted by what we do.

Open Communication: Open Communication is about having the courage to speak honestly and straight from the heart. It is admitting when we have made a mistake. We share ideas, give feedback and take the time to listen. It’s only through Open Communication that fresh new ideas will come forward and this is how we will continue to be successful.

Empowering Others: Ours is a culture of mentoring, leading by example and fostering career opportunities. We provide the time, resources and tools to set others up for success and celebrate the wins, achievements and contributions of others. Empowering Others is about taking responsibility for your performance and that of your team.

Innovation: The freedom to come up with great new ideas and to take reasonable risks to explore these ideas – these are key ingredients that have made Goldcorp successful. We encourage our people to be innovative and display entrepreneurial thinking to move our business forward. Innovation will drive continuous improvement, Operating for Excellence and encourages us all to keep questioning for possibilities.


Our Six Pillars guide what we do every day. They support our Strategy, guide our Vision and are grounded in our Values.

Grow People

We provide opportunities for personal and professional development. It’s about helping our people reach their full potential. We value and respect each individual’s contributions. Working at Goldcorp is more than just a job - it’s a life choice.

Grow Safety

We are committed to protecting our people by looking out for each other, by recognizing the complexity of the task at hand, and by enhancing our abilities to recognize and deal with risk. Goldcorp leads safety because We Care.

Grow Sustainability

We are accountable for leaving a positive economic, social and environmental legacy everywhere that we operate. Our results are driven by good governance, collaborative partnerships, innovation and responsible stewardship of resources.

Grow Safe Production

We strive to continually improve our quality and output in whatever technical measure is relevant to where we work. Our overall gold production is the result of thousands of different technical inputs.

Grow Reserves

Growing our reserves is fundamental to the long-term viability of our business. By replacing the gold we produce, we provide the resources for future development. Growing Reserves ensures Goldcorp’s future.

Grow Margins

Every one of us must be aware, at all times, of the financial implications of our decisions. Strong margins will ensure Goldcorp remains one of the lowest cost gold producers and will allow us to deliver on our commitment to shareholders. Goldcorp is a business-focused corporation with an eye on the bottom line.