TSX: G $ 19.72 +0.22 +1.13% Volume: 2,098,646 April 26, 2017
NYSE: GG $ 14.53 +0.17 +1.18% Volume: 9,154,631 April 26, 2017
GOLD: US $ 1,269.24 -0.56 -0.04% Volume: April 26, 2017

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Our governance commitment

The strength of our governance commitment is based upon the leadership of an experienced Chairman guiding a Board composed of independent, knowledgeable Directors. Together, this team ensures that best industry standards, ethical practices and transparent policies are implemented throughout the organization.

Our corporate governance practices have been and continue to comply with applicable Canadian and U.S. requirements. We monitor developments in Canada and the U.S. on an ongoing basis with a view to revising our governance policies and practices, as appropriate.

Under NYSE rules, we are required to disclose any significant deviations from the corporate governance practices followed by U.S. domestic companies under the NYSE's listing standards. We believe there are no significant differences between our corporate governance practices and those stipulated under the NYSE listing standards.

Our goals are to honour our obligations to local stakeholders and optimize economic results in all our many areas of operation. Our management team and Board of Directors are committed to the best principles of corporate governance, delivering results to our shareholders and safeguarding our long-term financial strength.

Board and Committee Terms of Reference

Board Guidelines and other terms of reference

Our Board of Directors believes that the Company’s principal objective is to generate acceptable returns to our security holders. For more details, download the Board Guidelines.

Governance & Nominating Committee

The main purpose of the Governance and Nominating Committee is to provide a focus on governance that will enhance the Company's performance, to assess and make recommendations regarding the Board of Directors effectiveness, and to establish and lead the process for identifying, recruiting, appointing and re-appointing directors and providing for their ongoing professional development. For more details, download the Governance Committee Terms of Reference.

Audit Committee

The Audit Committee's primary function is to assist the Board in fulfilling its financial reporting and control responsibilities to the Company’s shareholders and the investment community. The external auditors report directly to the Audit Committee. For the Audit Committee’s primary duties and responsibilities, download the Audit Committee Terms of Reference.

Sustainability Committee

The main purpose of the Sustainability Committee is to review and monitor the Company’s relevant activities on behalf of the Board of Directors. For more details, download the Sustainability Terms of Reference.

Human Resources & Compensation Committee

The Human Resources & Compensation Committee has been initiated by our Board of Directors to establish a plan of continuity for executive officers and other members of senior management. For more details, download the Human Resources & Compensation Committee Terms of Reference.

Code of Conduct

The Ethics from the Ground Up document describes our Code of Conduct, which governs how we deal with each other and any community or organization with which we do business. For more details, download the Code of Conduct.

Other Policies

TSX: G $ 19.72 +0.22 +1.13% Volume: 2,098,646 April 26, 2017
NYSE: GG $ 14.53 +0.17 +1.18% Volume: 9,154,631 April 26, 2017
GOLD: US $ 1,269.24 -0.56 -0.04% Volume: April 26, 2017